Antalya, located in the Turkish Riviera, is the most stunning part of Turkey's Mediterranean coast and not surprisingly home to some of the best concept hotels.

Antalya is a thriving modern city, whose historic center is called “Kaleiçi” - within the old city walls. This area has seen something of a renaissance in recent years, with many of the wooden Ottoman mansions being restored and turned into boutique hotels. No cars are allowed in the narrow streets of the old town so it is a good place to soak up the atmosphere around the charming harbor.

The symbol of Antalya is the fluted minaret or Yivli Minare, built by the Seljuks in the 13th century.

Antalya has a backdrop of stunning mountain scenery, and the city is set high on cliffs, with many of its grandest hotels overlooking the sea on the outskirts of the town. The beach area of Lara, approximately 12 km to the east, is home to the best beach, known for its golden sand. Heading up into the mountains, you can make the most of the beautiful scenery by visiting the spectacular Düden or Kurşunlu waterfalls. At Saklıkent, just 50 km away from the city centre, you can even ski, snow usually lasts on the slopes until early April.

There are plenty of interesting pieces in Antalya’s Archaeological Museum, from the Palaeolithic Age right through to Ottoman times. Not surprisingly, as Antalya is surrounded with popular historic sites, such as Aspendos. Just 50 km east of Antalya, Aspendos was an important centre of trade during Roman times. Today, the most impressive aspect of Aspendos is her stunning theatre, which was built in approximately 162 AD. It seats 15,000 people and has been beautifully preserved. Other important historical sites are Phaselis, a Lycian port city, Perge, once visited by St. Paul and Demre, the ancient city of Myra, home to St. Nicholas.

ODS Turkey is happy to invite you to Antalya, safe-haven of history, blessed with Turkey’s sunniest climate, home to some of the world’s best concept hotels.