The region known as Cappadocia is a stunning area of otherworldly rock formations, subterranean churches and underground dwellings, the scale of which is over-whelming. The area is also famous for its carpet-weaving, wines and the distinctive red pottery of the Avanos area. The regions of Cappadocia include the centers of Ürgüp, Göreme, Avanos, Üçhisar, Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı and Ihlara.

Cappadocia was a refuge for the early Christians, who escaped persecution by living and worshipping underground. They created a self-sufficient environment underground including bedrooms, kitchens and storage rooms and churches. There are an estimated 3000 rock churches in this region, some of which are open to the public.

In the Tokalı church, the Convent of Monks and Nuns, the Chapel of St. Basil, and the Elmalı, Yılanlı, Karanlık, and Çarıklı churches, the architectural details and frescoes seem as alive today as when they were just painted.

The village of Göreme itself is at the heart of the area's tourist industry, and many of its villagers still live in cave dwellings, some of which have been converted into pensions. The Göreme region is often referred to as the "belief centre". The Göreme Open-Air Museum is home to "the educational system that unified all the ideas of Christianity" of St. Basil the Great and his brothers. 

Surrounding the area one can find the amazing rock formations evocatively known as Peri Bacaları or 'Fairy Chimneys'. Located to the west of Niğde is the stunning Ihlara Valley, a gorge that is 10 km long and some 80 meters wide. 

ODS Turkey heartily welcomes you to Cappadocia, one of the world’s most striking historical landscapes.