Destination: Turkey

A country of incredible geographic diversity, modern infrastructure for the tourism industry, a rich cultural and historical heritage, competitively priced accommodations and top class facilities for travelers – Welcome to Turkey!

Turkey-just the name itself conjures up visions of oriental splendor, mystery and intrigue. This was the meeting point of the world's three great civilizations, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Turkey was the nucleus of the 1,000-year Byzantine Empire with its capital established at Constantinople, now Istanbul. It was here too, that early Christianity first took root, to be replaced with the advent of Islam, first under the Arabs, then under the Seljuk Turks and the Ottoman Turks. Imagine yourself in a country with more classical ruins than Greece, more monuments of Islam than Arabia and more churches than Rome. 

But Turkey is not all history. Turkey offers you seas, mountain ranges, high plateaus and fertile river valleys – an excellent destination for lovers of nature.

Moreover, today's Turkey is a safe, modern country with a booming economy. Her cities with their glittering shopping facilities, business towers, and unparalleled combination of historical sights, state-of-the-art conference facilities and world class hotels make it the ideal destination for exciting and memorable congresses, meetings and incentives.

The tradition of Turkish hospitality declares that every traveler is a guest from God. Wherever you go in Turkey you will be greeted and cared for with generosity. As a nation looking boldly toward the future, Turkey is embracing its role, not as the dividing line between East and West, but rather as the bridge between them.

Your destination: Turkey

Here is a country where graceful minarets are silhouetted against the horizon, where ancient churches covered in fragrant honeysuckle stand unannounced next to the shimmering waters of the Aegean, where weatherworn monuments bear witness to 4,000 years of history. All of these sights and sounds –and much more- are waiting for you to experience in one single country.

Welcome to Turkey!