Professional Event Planner in Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya, Cappadocia)

Social Responsibility

Other than our regular contributions to TEGV, Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, to support the basic education of children and to help them gain life skills for a brighter future.

Each year we evaluate and support a selection of Turkish local and regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Why? Because we feel the responsibility.

Why? Because we feel the responsibility.

We support NGOs in four fields: women, education, health and animals. Each year, a certain percentage of our profit is allocated to our selected causes. As our customer, you get to say which project you would ODS want to support, and we will divide our aid accordingly. 

Our social responsibility funds are taken from our internal budgets and not invoiced to our customers. However, you always have a chance of contributing yourself should you find the cause worthy of support.

Interested in getting more actively involved with Turkey’s NGOs? It is possible to include a visit to or even activity with our selected NGOs into your events.

 Women: MORCATI - The purple roof foundation





 Children: LOSEV - The children leukemia foundation

 Education: TEGV - Educational Volunteers Foundation

 Animals & Nature: WORLD WILDLIFE FUND