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Restaurants & Event Venues

Like hotels, reopened by June 1st, 2020, the restaurants and venues work to ensure they deliver a safe experience for their staff and their guests through enhanced cleanliness and hygiene best practices. Enhanced food safety and hygiene at restaurants is core priority by:

  • avoiding guest handling of food at buffets
  • placing tables with the 1,5 meters distance to each other and new seating formats at 50% of their capacity
  • regular cleaning of machines and where possible operate by staff member
  • offering plated service as a solution ideally in a no-contact delivery method
  • increasing cleaning and disinfection frequency
  • enhancing cleaning including disinfecting tables immediately after guest has left
  • implementing social distancing through table spacing and guest seating with suitable reinforcement
  • implementing food protocols and guidelines relating to outsourced food
  • considering minimizing what is placed on guest tables and provide mono-packaged items if feasible.
  • approved disinfecting products made available at entrance to guests in the form of alcohol-based hand sanitizer as appropriate
  • establishing with restaurant that restaurant staff are trained and adhere to likeminded health, hygiene, and physical contact guidelines
  • avoid guest own handling of food at buffets
  • regular cleaning of coffee/drinks machines and where possible operated by staff member
  • enhanced cleaning, including disinfecting of tables and chairs after guest has left and using dishwasher over handwashing where possible
  • minimizing physical contact through table spacing and guest seating if required by local legislation
  • consider minimizing what is placed on guest tables and provide mono-packaged items if feasible
  • reviewing payment method to prioritize contactless and pre-payment methods
  • consider having longer opening hours to reduce the number of guests served at any given time and facilitate the implementation of the new measures

venues removebgODS Turkey will use and include only Restaurants, venues, caterers in the program which have strict protocols and supervised by the local authorities periodically.

For more details including the content of precautions taken and sample caterer protocol, please follow the links below.

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