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Transportation & Boats

The bus companies and private Boat providers have followed strict guidelines on the progressive restoration
of transport services and connectivity. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism together with the Association of
Travel Agencies have put forward measures specifically for transport, including guidelines for passengers,
bus companies and boat suppliers. 

ODS Turkey will only use the busses of suppliers with the required certification and privately chartered for the specific individual or group only.

Bus and Coach Transport:

  • Guests/passengers are asked to wear face masks in transport hubs and vehicles used for collective transport, especially where physical distancing measures cannot be fully observed at all times.
  • Wearing of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) by drivers and transport workers.
  • Reducing, where feasible, the density of passengers in collective means of transport and in waiting areas (the operation of such lower capacity services could be adequately supported to maintain viability)
  • During the initial relaxation of restrictions, the number of passengers will be reduced on vehicles in certain transport modes to ensure that any applicable physical distancing requirements are adequately observed.
  • Maintaining or adding protective barriers in hubs and vehicles
  • Setting up dedicated lanes or otherwise separating different passenger flows at transport hubs (i.e. ports, airports, train stations, bus stops, ferry landings, etc.).
  • Clearly displaying accessible information on recommended behavior (e.g. frequent hand washing or sanitizing, keeping adequate distance)
  • Adequate measures at boarding and at security checks (e.g. passengers not entering or leaving buses by the front door, opening of doors by default, disinfection of trays) and other measures that help to minimize contact
  • Transport suppliers and onsite service providers will have in place specific protocols in case passengers fall sick or show COVID-19 symptoms during or immediately after travelling or being at a transport hub.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of hubs and vehicles, and increased frequency of waste collection.
  • Systematic installing of hand-sanitizing stations and requiring their use whenever feasible.
  • Strengthening ventilation, air filtering and, where appropriate, prioritizing use of natural air.
  • Check-in, loading and unloading of luggage should be organized so that crowding of passengers is avoided.
  • Accessible information on implemented safe behavior procedures, as well as required protective equipment for passengers, should be prominently displayed at hubs and in vehicles, and made available in advance of any travel.

Waterborne Transport:

  • Only privately chartered boats, vessels will be used for water transfers and sea tours.
  • Ensure distancing requirements can be observed on vessels, including by reducing the number of allowed passengers.
  • Limit access to (dis)embarkation quays to passengers.
  • Ports and quay should consider dedicated lanes to separate entry and exit of passengers.
  • When conditions allow for it, move as many passengers as possible to open spaces of the vessel.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of boats, vessels and onshore facilities should follow the suggested procedures for cleaning and disinfection of ships during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of boats, including frequently touched areas and other hard surfaces on board the ship, public toilets, sinks and other sanitary facilities, chairs, sofas, wall coverings, to be performed effectively.
  • Cruise ships and, where relevant, ferries should develop dedicated protocols for cleaning and hygiene that minimize the risk of cross-contamination between passenger cabins.
  • Protocols should be developed between ship operators and onshore facilities for persons with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection, including measures before, during and after the voyage.


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