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As the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa has an important situation in the history of the country. Although not many large and significant historical sites are located in the city from the Ottoman Era when comparing to Istanbul, the local life of Bursa is much more traditional and resembles the Anatolian lifestyle of Ottoman times mostly in the narrow back streets of the old city of Bursa. In today’s Turkey, Bursa is a leading industrial city with numerous factories and manufacturing establishments. Furthermore, with thermal baths in and around the city; high density of green environment and the large ski-runs of Uludag identifies today’s Bursa.


Known as "Green Bursa", this province with its over 3 million people stands on the lower slopes of Uludag (Mount Olympos of Mysia, 2543 m) in the Marmara region of Anatolia. The title "Green" of Bursa comes from its gardens and parks, and of course from its being in the middle of an important fruit growing region.


In Bursa there are 2 dishes you should not miss: taste delicious ‘Iskender Kebab’ and candied chestnuts (“kestane sekeri” in Turkish).

Bursa is a center of the silk trade (since first silk cocoons were brought here with the caravans of the Silk Road) and towel manufacturing. It is also the homeland of the very famous Turkish folklore figures, Karagöz and Hacivat shadow puppets.


Because of its being the first Ottoman capital, Bursa is very rich in religious monuments, mosques, and tombs (Turbe). You should not miss to enjoy, when in Bursa, the hot & mineral-rich springs; indeed, most of the hotels in this province have thermal bath facilities.


As for souvenirs, you should visit the historical Covered Bazaar, "Bedesten", or the Koza Han, an attractive building from Ottoman times with its traditional architectural style and also a center of silk trade. It is certain that Bursa will take some of the time for you to see and add some more delightful experiences to your memories.


Arriving Bursa;

Although there is the Bursa Yenisehir Airport in the city, no flights are working in between Bursa and Istanbul since the city is located very close to Istanbul.

Istanbul Airport – Bursa : 170 km (2 h 30 min.)

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport – Bursa : 120 km (1 h 30 min.)

ODS Recommends;

Visiting Bursa in wintertime and enjoy skiing in Uludag mountain. Uludag is the largest and most celebrated winter-sports and skiing center in Turkey, only 36 km from center of Bursa and easily accessible by car or cable-car (“teleferik” in Turkish).

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