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The most impressive feeling in Erzurum is the height of the Palandoken surrounding the city. In case you are not familiar with the eastern part of Anatolia or any mountainous landscape you can easily feel as the mountain is following you in any move. The serene and distant attitude of Palandoken will totally differ when you will have the chance to go up there for skiing. This is a life-time experience Anatolia presents for whom to appreciate…


Erzurum features many world-class ski resorts. The perfect haven for winter sports lovers who enjoy long powdered snow runs, 8 months of the year.


Lovers of architecture and history will be in paradise in Erzurum, where fantastic Seljuk, Saltuk, Mongol and Ottoman mosques and medreses (seminaries) line the main drag.


Erzurum is not a city resting on its considerable historically significant laurels; the vibrant life coursing along its shopping-center-lined streets has earned it a reputation as a modern metropolis and an eastern Turkish hub. 


During 8 months in a year, Erzurum is the center of winter tourism, with various accommodation options in the nearby high-octane Palandöken ski resort. Erzurum is a province suitable for mountaineering with peaks of 3000 meters (10,000 feet), and also has many hot springs and meadows.


The most famous dish when speaking about Erzurum is Cag Kebab, which is considered as a traditional meat dish of world-famous Turkish Cuisine.


“Oltu” stone is a specific semi-precious local black stone carved in the area from which various forms of jewelry and rosary beads are made of. You can find most of the Oltu production shops in Tashan, the historical shopping area.


Arriving Erzurum;

Istanbul – Erzurum flight duration: App. 1 hour 50 min.

Erzurum Airport – Erzurum city center : 11 km


ODS Recommends;

Visiting the lake Tortum, one of the peaceful places in the world, 120 km away from Erzurum where you will encounter a rarely found beauty of a peaceful lake. The waterfalls at the northern end of the lake are worth seeing as they plunge from a height of 47 meters.

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