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The City of Rumi…

The spirit in the middle of Anatolia…

A destination ideal for religious tourism as well as historical excursions.


Konya, a major city in Anatolia is identified with the world-famous philosopher Mevlana. The city is the indispensable address for the cultural tours due to it’s being one of the oldest settlements of Anatolia. The history goes back to prehistoric ages in Konya. The most suitable seasons to visit are the spring and autumn. However, December has the importance in Konya for the commemoration of Mevlana, the “Seb-i Arus” Day.


The specialty of the city is “Etli Ekmek” which is a kind of Turkish pizza originating from Konya. The name of the dish literally means bread with meat. “Tandir” kebab is another delicious choice of local dishes where is served during weddings and special events.


Konya is a quite rich city of Turkey in terms of its culture and history. The unmissable visiting places are the Mevlana Museum including Mevlana’s tomb, Tile Museum, Archaeological Museum where finds from the nearby archaeological site of Çatalhöyük are displayed and Catalhoyuk which is the largest Neolithic site ever found and more... The city is the best place to see the performance of Whirling Dervishes since it is originated at Konya.


From thermal spa centers to 5-star hotels, the city offers a wide range of accommodation opportunities, and there are also convention centers and well-equipped and modern-furnished meeting rooms for the meetings and the congress.


Arriving Konya;

Istanbul Airport – Konya Airport flight duration: App. 1 hour & 30 minutes

Konya Airport – Konya City Center: 16 km – app. 25 minutes driving distance

It is also good to know that Konya is about 3 hours’ drive from Ankara, 4 hours’ drive from Antalya. Via the international airport, you can fly directly to Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.


ODS Recommends;

Watching the performance of Whirling Dervishes and not going back home without trying Mevlana Candy. You should also buy some as a souvenir for your loved ones not to miss this taste.

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