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Houses with detailed stonework on their walls, located on both sides of the narrow streets of Mardin will let you feel as if you are performing in an epic movie. Mardin is the crossroads of cultures and religions throughout history and it continues to be so which you will realize as soon as you arrive there…  

Combining its rich, mystical and historical heritage with modernity, Mardin is one of the great destinations to visit in Turkey. Situated on the top of a hill, Mardin is known for its fascinating architecture consisting of heavily decorated stonework cascading from the hilltop. In parallel with different religious beliefs of people living in the city, there are mosques, tombs, churches and monasteries which are also historically valuable. The city was used to be on the Silk Road and there are five inns and a caravanserai in the province that were used during the live commercial life of Silk Road.


Not only the architecture and the urban texture, the cuisine of the city is also inspired and enriched by Silk Road and many different cultures. Mardin’s cuisine is not only famous in Turkey but world wide. Any visitor can easily find and taste the unforgettable local tastes of the city in local restaurants in the city center. One of the most popular dish in Mardin is spicy raw meatballs which is said as ‘çiğ köfte’ in Turkish.


There are different facilities where you can stay in Mardin. Apart from the 5-star hotels in the city center, you can also choose impressive boutique hotels and mansions with their historical texture. Artuklu Caravanserai is one of the most interesting accommodation options in the city with its location that has been in existence since 1275 and dominates the mesopotamian plain.


Arriving Mardin;

Istanbul Airport – Mardin Airport flight duration: App. 1 hour & 55 minutes

Mardin Airport – Mardin City Center: 55 km – app. 1-hour driving distance


ODS Recommends;

Buying fine works of filigree (“telkari” in Turkish) from the bazaar in the old city part of Mardin as a souvenier for your loved ones. “Telkari” is a traditional art and telkari works of Mardin are famous over the country.

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