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Anatolia(Turkey) and Greece has so much to offer us in terms of archeological discoveries that are directly connected with the Bible.

The findings and existence of these historical sites strengthen one’s faith in the old and new Testaments, enticing us to make the spiritual journey, exploring this sacred land.

Biblio Traveler by ODS Turkey provides professionally & spiritually-planned itineraries with local touch and international level of services. Speaking of spiritual and emotional side of the faith journey in Anatolia, we will be providing a life time experience: Throughout these precious moments, we assure you that we will be participative, committed as much as you are, and responsible with our highly personalized services offering complimentary Sunday services, bonus site visits-if time permits-supplementary in all kind-for Christian Holidays, feasts, and fasts– permissions for specific practices during site visits, travel director throughout the programs coordinating all logistics.

We are aware of the heritage remained us; being home to all seven of the churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation, and the ancient roads where St. Paul stepped once.

This is exciting; while sitting in the great amphitheatre of Ephesus you can imagine the events which occurred hundreds of years before and be witness to the capability of men who struggled to share their love of God.

With our outstanding and experienced tour guides, we will take you to the chronological journey of our biblical geography.

We wish you happy and faithful travelling,

Biblio Traveler Team
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