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Bozcaada Culture, Arts and Grape Harvest Festival

Bozcaada Culture, Arts and Grape Harvest Festival

In Bozcaada

Bozcaada is a well-known summer destination of Turkey, located on the north of the Aegean Sea. Bozcaada Culture Arts and Grape Harvest Festival has been organized since 1999. Every year, the festival begins with the grape harvest in the vineyards of the wine factories that have become the symbol of the festival. As it was in the past, the festival visitors and farmers go to the vineyards with donkeys, horses and whirls to harvest their grapes; then, after the harvest is made, they gather at the island square. This event attracts great interest and hundreds of tourists stream into this festival in order to participate especially to the opening. Within the scope of the festival, a miss grape is also selected among the young girls of the island. During the 3 days’ festival wine competitions, concerts, dance shows and exhibitions are being held. Bozcaada Culture, Arts and Grape Harvest Festival is a real local experience for any outlander to the island.

You will feel the Aegean breeze as soon as you land on the island with its taverns, narrow streets with stone pavements and relaxed locals. Enjoy your time on the island and pretend as if you are one of the locals to experience the peaceful soul of the island.

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