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Our Ethos

Our Principles

The partnership is key to success

As your Destination Management Company (DMC partner) in Turkey, it's our job to turn your needs and expectations into an event. We listen, ask questions and make suggestions to identify what exactly is needed to achieve the best results. Good communication, complete transparency, face-to-face contact and a close working relationship are the tools we use for a successful partnership.


It's all about people

At ODS, we see ourselves as being in the people business. Whether it's you or our partners, our quality suppliers, or our dedicated team, we know that the most important element of a  successful event is the people. While ODS has consistently invested its resources in the latest technology and infrastructure, it's most important investment has been in the “human ware”.

A successful event is in the details

ODS knows that there is nothing more crucial to planning a successful event than getting the details right and following through from the first proposal to personal on-site management to post-event follow up to the final invoice. Our commitment to following trough creates exciting and memorable events.

Excellence is the only acceptable outcome

Our definition of excellence is knowing exactly what we've set out to do, keeping your expectations and desires in focus at all times, and never settling for anything less than the absolute optimal solution.





Our Beliefs

Each year we evaluate and support a selection of Turkish local and regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Why? Because we feel responsible.

TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats)

As a part of our sustainability program, we are proud to support TEMA. TEMA Foundation, founded on 11th September 1992, is Turkey's most extensive and leading environmental NGO. One of TEMA's objectives is promoting the protection of natural habitats and, ecosystem conservation of water resources and vegetative cover of the soil, sustainable use of agricultural lands and rangelands. We are enthusiastic about making the Foundation an essential service in our proposals. We donate a sapling for each guest that we host in Turkey.

KEDV (Women's Labor Assessment Foundation)

As a part of our social responsibility program, we are pleased to cooperate with KEDV. KEDV, founded in 1986, is a civil society organization that aims to improve the economic situation of low-income women in Turkey and strengthen their leadership in local development. We choose our gifts among their handicrafts for our guests during their visit to Turkey.


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